Academic & Literary Conferences/Presentations

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- 2019 Mexico City, Mexico; the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics's Encuentro on "The World Inside Out: Humor, Noise, and Performance." Working group: "Decolonizing Memory, Ludically Unsettling Space and Time

- 2019 University of Padova: Talk One: “Re-remembering Slavery and its Afterlives.” Talk Two: “Searching for Liberation: Black Lives, White Futurity, and the Politics of Mattering”

- 2019 Paris, France: Reid Hall; presentation for the “Maryse Condé, A Writer for our Times” entitled “Disorderly Freedom: Maryse Condé and the Cannibal Women” [watch at link above]

- 2019 Columbia University; assisted and chaired a panel for the conference on “Slavery, Authorship, and Literary Culture”

- 2018 Columbia University; organized & presented at Roundtable Conference: “Decolonizing Memory Studies” as part of Marianne Hirsch & Andreas Huyssen's Cultural Memory Seminar. Personal presentation: “Haunting Versaille: Fugitive Mappings and 'Sub-Imposed' Memories"

- 2018 Columbia University; Office of Academic Diversity Research Collective Conference. Presentation: "The Racial Logic of the Human (or how a girl becomes a ship)"

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- 2017 Frankfurt, Germany; Annual Mnemonics Conference on "The Social Life of Memory." Personal presentation: "The Medusa Complex: Contending with Wound as Subjectivity in Maryse Condé’s Célanire Cou-Coupé and Bessie Head’s A Question of Power"

- 2017 Paris, France; conference on “Slavery, Memory, and Literature.” Personal presentation: “Fabricated in the Belly of the Ship: Representing the Enslaved in Enlightenment-era and Contemporary Literature”

- 2016 Columbia University; Master's Thesis: “Récupérer les voix obscurcies: une étude sur les sites matériels dans la production de la mémoire de l’esclavage dans Humus de Fabienne Kanor et Un dimanche au cachot de Patrick Chamoiseau”

- 2016 Columbia University; organized conference as French graduate student representative with colleagues: "Rethinking the Text: An Interdisciplinary Discussion between literary scholars on the nonliterary object" with Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Brent Edwards, Alex Gil, & Marianne Hirsch) 


- 2014 Martinique; presented at two festivals: “Lire et Dire pour le Plaisir” & “Contes et musique dans la cite” 

- 2013 Harvard University; Bachelor's Thesis: Maryse Condé's Mobile Caribbean: Migration, Resurrection, and Agency in Segu, I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem, and Crossing the Mangrove 

- 2010 - Present: 5 E's of Excellence package presentation given at various schools across the country (see debut novel page for more details)


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