Upcoming Fiction Publications


"Chained to Hope"

Short story in RSA Journal, the Journal of the Italian Association for North American Studies (AISNA), 2018 issue


Speculative Fiction Novella: Expendability

In a not-so-distant future, a wave of government and police brutality against people of color spur on the end of one world, Earth, and the beginning of a new one, Gincatta. These “Expendables” as the government calls this targeted group (referencing slaves who were dumped over ships during the middle passage) have been injected with a special substance mined from the Earth, then shipped through an underwater portal to unexplored Gincatta when dangerous half-living beings called “Ex-esses” begin to develop in their wounds. The novella follows the story of Genami, a musician and Expendable on a quest with his Ex-es to locate his estranged daughter. Caught between the intentions of other Expendables living on the planet and the strange, angry creatures these Expendables have inadvertently created (including a peculiar creature named Haml who Genami falls in love with), Genami finds his way back to his troubling past – on a journey he never anticipated. 



An epistolary YA novel sprinkled with historical and speculative elements, this work deals with current social questions including abortion, the lose definitions around “rape,” sexual fluidity, mental health in communities of color, oral traditions and nonsecular knowledge traced back to slavery, and what it means for a teenager to navigate them.


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